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The GPC platform provides a total investment solution for coins. Regardless of Coin's price, we make stable investment and achieve the best profit to ensure the best business efficiency. By purchasing GPC, you become a user of all of these integrated solutions and enjoy the optimal solution for your coin investment. The solutions provided by the GPC platform inevitably bring about the value of GPC. Since monetization of its own solutions is directly linked to GPC utilization, participation in the GPC ICO on the platform ensures profitability. GPC coin utility functions and value as an investment stakeholder make wise and future-oriented choices possible.

Basic specifications

The agreement protocol of GPC is POW and POS (Proof of Service) method, and it generates blocks in 20 sec increments, issues 50 billion of them, and is implemented by X15 algorithm.

Master node

It is different from the POW method, which is the same bit coin that a mining user forms a system. In order to become a master note, you must have a quantity above the GPC platform's standard, which is referred to as a Proof of Service


The master node will contribute to completion of all transactions within 3 seconds of real-time billing and will have the authority to provide this service. We also have a decentralized policy because we have the right to vote on the platform's main decisions.


The GPC platform will become known to users through strategic off-line demos, exchanges listing, and ongoing ICO promotions and marketing as the price rises explosively.

half circle iconBusiness Model

ABT Solution

The GPC platform provides the ABT Solution. Trading proceeds through exchanges and other coins selected by accumulated data values. ABT Solution will buy coins for a certain amount of time through the bots and then transfer the coins to the highest price exchanges to ensure profits from selling.

CBR Solution

Coin Brokerage

The demand for over-the-counter transactions for bit coin is very high and will increase further in the future. Users can trade bit coins on the GPC-OFF platform. On the GPC platform, bitcoin sellers will be informed of the quantity and discount rate for the bit coin they want to sell, and buyers will contact the seller on the GPC platform. The GPC-OFF platform provides the buyer and seller with a safe place to trade. The GPC guarantees the funds for the funds from both sides and confirms the transaction details of both sides.


Most coins have no use. However, with GPC paid on the GPC platform, users can purchase goods from the store. The GPC platform provides GPC-Pay, a prepayment system using GPC coins, to each merchant free of charge, and each store attracts a large number of users at low marketing costs. Users can pay and settle faster and more securely through GPC. In addition, the GPC platform is seeking ways to utilize the GPC platform in domestic and Chinese online distribution markets. This makes GPC a fast and secure payment solution for users.

Mobile Coupon

The GPC platform publishes mobile coupons that can be conveniently used as a prepayment method anywhere in the country. We plan to offer coupons not only in Korea but also in other countries. This coupon can be obtained by prepayment and payment is made on the GPC platform. In addition, the GPC platform can immediately respond to system failures by operating a 24-hour monitoring system to provide a complete payment and billing system for mobile coupons.

half circle iconFAQs

The GPC platform is a coin trading platform that provides a total solution for coins and ensures stable business investment regardless of the coin's price and achieves the best profitability for the best business efficiency. With GP Coin purchasing, you can become a user of all these integrated solutions.
After developing GP Coin, we carry out alpha test and first online marketing. We launch GP coin official and offline meetup, then open platform beta test and step by step GPC platform. Then, ABT Solution, ESC Solution and CBR Solution are opened. Next, we will launch the GPC-PAY system and accept domestic merchants, receive Chinese merchants, and prepare for listing on overseas exchanges. Next, we will conduct GP Coin Main Net Alpha Test, beta test, then listed on the overseas exchange and officially upgrade GP Coin ABT, ESC and CBR Solution.
We plan to use 35% to create the GPC platform ecosystem environment, 20% to develop platforms, 15% to on-line marketing, 15% to operate and activate platforms, 10% to prepare for emergencies and 5%.
We plan to use 5% on family sales, 10% on presales, 35% on official ICOs, 35% on the Foundation, 5% on Team Advantage and 10% on Advisors.

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